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O'Hara Park Middle School (6-8)

O'Hara Park Middle School main building with flagpole

Congratulations Mr. Seymour - Oakley School District and O'Hara Park School Teacher of the Year!

Mr. William (Bill)  Seymour has been an 8th grade teacher at O'Hara Park School for 25 years!  He is admired by his colleagues and beloved by his students.

Everyone who knows Mr. Seymour appreciates his positive attitude, his creativity and his enthusiasm for his craft. He introduced Civil War Day to the Oakley School District and has led it for 25 years.  Students say it is one of the best days of their middle school career.  He has headed the "Earth Trek" team of 150 students for 8-10 years. 

Mr. Seymour genuinely cares about his students; he spends every lunchtime  with his students and any other students who need a safe and enjoyable place to spend their time. 

Mr. Seymour's students all say his lessons are so engaging they forget to keep track of the minutes in the period and instead are completely focused on what he has to teach.  

Mr. Seymour believes,  "Even though it is a risk, you have to teach with love." 


Holly Rocha, Principal


1100 O'Hara Avenue, Oakley, CA 94561