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Oakley Elementary School

Oakley School main building

Please congratulate Oakley Teacher of the Year and District Teacher of the Year Ms. Fernandez!

    Marìa Fernandez is Oakley Elementary Teacher of the Year for 2018-19.  Ms. Fernandez is a relative newcomer to the profession, but has made her mark as a highly effective teacher in a short period of time.  She currently teaches 3rd grade.  Ms. Fernandez is a graduate of Pittsburg High School.  She attended CSU Bakersfield, where she graduated in 2015 with a major in Liberal Arts.  Ms. Fernandez continued into higher education and enrolled at St. Mary’s University, where she studied instructional leadership.  She received her Master’s in 2018. 

The entire Oakley Elementary community is very proud of our Teacher of the Year, Marìa Fernandez.


Marco Franco, Principal

501 Norcross Lane 
Oakley, CA 94561