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Educational Technology

About Ed Tech

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Vision for District Technology

The District's vision for technology focuses on the integration of technology tools and techniques into every aspect of teaching and learning and respects its being an integral part of the District's Vision Statement:


Oakley is a Community of Active Learners Dedicated to the Cultivation of Individual Potential and Social Responsibility

  • Community implies each student, each teacher, each support provider, parents, and the learner’s community.
  • Active Learners implies reflective, critical thinkers, problem solvers, independent, decision-makers, and literate researchers.  It implies learning by doing, engaged readers, dynamic writers, budding scientists, historians, artists, and engineers.
  • Individual Potential implies differentiating the curriculum and our approaches to develop the talents and interests of each member of the community.  It implies educating the whole person, cognitively and reflectively.  It implies awakening passion, desire, and drive.
  • Social Responsibility implies action, ethical leadership, taking risks to foster positive social change, integrity, citizenship, democratic principles, and working effectively with others.  It implies developing the qualities of compassion, courtesy, and collegiality.  It implies valuing the significance of oneself, all others and their diverse cultures.  It implies family, community, national and global engagement and playing a part in positive change commensurate with one’s capacity.


OUESD is using Google Suite (G Suite)

To enhance learning and increase understanding of technology, OUESD is including G Suite as one of our educational resources available to all students. G Suite was selected for many reasons including functionality, accessibility, reliability and affordability. For more information, please read the G Suite FAQs: